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Articles pertaining to the privatization of the Pennsylvania Control and Liquor Board

United Methodist Bishops call privatization "ill advised;" They tell Gov. Corbett it would have 'no social benefit.'

The leaders of the United Methodist Church in Pennsylvania have written to Governor Corbett and all members of the state legislature urging them to reject proposals to privatize the state's Wine and Spirits stores.

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    HB 11 Vote Set for Dec. 13 -- Your Job is at Stake!

In preparation for its scheduled December 13th vote on State Rep. Mike Turzai’s bill (HB11) to sell the PA Wine and Spirits stores and eliminate your job, the House Liquor Control Committee will hold two hearings in Philadelphia:

New poll shows that PA voters see Wine and Spirits privatization as lowest priority

HARRISBURG – (Nov. 4, 2011) – A new statewide poll shows that House Majority Leader Mike Turzai’s obsession with dismantling Pennsylvania’s Wine and Spirits shops –  jeopardizing 5,000 jobs and creating higher taxes and prices in the process – is not shared by  an overwhelming majority of Pennsylvania voters.

Report by PFM should 'end farce' of privatization, Young says

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA (October 25, 2011) – The Public Financial Management report on proposals to dismantle Pennsylvania’s Wine and Spirits shops confirms what many observers have understood for months now: taxes and prices for wine and spirits will increase, especially for those Pennsylvanians living in rural areas, said Wendell W. Young IV, President of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 and Chair of the UFCW of PA Wine and Spirit Council.

Let Your Legislators Know: Selling PA's Wine and Spirit Stores is a Terribly Wrong Idea

PA State Rep. Mike Turzai has proposed selling off the state's Wine and Spirits stores.  On December 13 the House Liquor Control Committee amended his bill, HB 11.  Although the new HB 11 does not eliminate the PA Wine and Spirit stores, it does introduce a significant level of privatization that would be a death by a thousand cuts to a system that provides our family-sustaining jobs, protects our communities and benefits all Pennsylvania taxpayers and consumers.

The facts:

Phila. Inquirer running poll on Wine and Spirits stores. Vote here.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is running a poll asking its readers if the PA  Wine and Spirits stores should be privatized.   Visit here to vote.

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