You are hereHometown Markets poised to buy one Valley P&C store from Tops

Hometown Markets poised to buy one Valley P&C store from Tops

 Source: The Morning Times

SAYRE - The former P&C store at 1730 Elmira St. may soon be sold and re-branded as a "P&C Fresh" market if the Federal Trade Commission gives final approval to a pending transaction between Tops Markets and Hometown Markets, LLC.

 The former P&C store on N. Keystone Avenue in Sayre, meanwhile, would be re-bannered as a Tops Market "in order to avoid customer confusion that would result from having two stores with the same name in the same area with different owners and different marketing programs, according to an FTC petition relating to the proposed purchase agreement.
  In Saturday's Morning Times, it was noted that Hometown Markets currently owns two stores in central Pennsylvania. To clarify, those stores are part of a different Hometown Markets grocery company by the same name. The New York state company that is poised to purchase the Elmira Street P&C location is a Syracuse-based corporation operated principally by Gregory Young and Myles da Cunha. Both have more than three decades of experience in the grocery arena, with previous professional affiliations to the Penn Traffic Company (P&C), the A&P supermarket chains and C&S Wholesales Grocers.

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