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  • The truth about so-called paycheck 'protection' and Right to Work legislation
    Updated On: Feb 03, 2016
    "Paycheck Protection" legislation -- or more accurately Paycheck Deception -- sets out to do one thing: cripple unions and their members by making it illegal to deduct union dues from members' paychecks. Unfortunately, union bashing is nothing new, but with lies about how payroll deductions work and union members' rights flooding the halls of the Capitol and the media, it's important we get it right.
    Here's some things you need to know about paycheck deception: 
    The purpose: Those who push "paycheck protection" legislation want you to think they're protecting working individuals when in reality, they're looking to silence your voice in the legislature and the workplace.  The real priority for these legislators?  Their billionaire corporate donors.  So they disguise legislation to make it look as though working people will benefit from less union representation.  In fact, they're taking steps toward their ultimate goal of Right to Work legislation. Politicians have admitted it before.  Missouri Speaker Tim Jones said paycheck deception is "a way to get to the ultimate goal of right to work."  Patrick Werner of the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity also called paycheck deception a "first step" to making Missouri a "right to work state"
    The truth about paycheck deductions:  If those who back this legislation based on the idea it would save taxpayers money did their homework, they would find the opposite to be true.  Automatic paycheck deductions are used for numerous things including: charitable donations to non-profit organizations, private banks, health care costs, pensions and more.  The cost is relatively non-existent and is convenient for both union and non-union employees.  Singling out union dues deductions is discrimatory towards unions and create unfair regulations.  No other organization has similar restrictions.  So just how far will the union-bashers go to hinder union representation?  Will they commit to making all paycheck deductions illegal?  
    Why now: Since 2010, right-wing legislators have made it their agenda to attack workers' rights and their voice in the workplace.  The cheerleaders for these types of legislation disguise them in many different forms: stripping public workers' collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin; a ban on fair share contracts in Michigan and Indiana and now paycheck deception bills in Missouri and Pennsylvania.