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  • Local 1776's Political Action Committee (PAC)
    Updated On: Oct 07, 2021

    The Local 1776 Political Action Committee (PAC) helps union members to support pro-labor candidates for political office.  Now, more than ever, we need strong, fully-funded PACs to protect our job security, wages, and benefits.  Our legislative program is designed to build power for working families.  We need to support those candidates and elected officials who share our goals in creating strong working class families, and who will fight for us!  Your voice can be heard in Harrisburg, Washington, and municipal chambers throughout our jurisdiction through PAC!   Join us in building a strong PAC, and help us elect and support candidates who share our commitment to worker rights, affordable health care, safe working environments, and a level playing field that gives workers a fair opportunity to be union members and protects their bargaining rights.

    Joining PAC also means you will become eligible for Local 1776 merchandise.  Every week you are a PAC member, you earn PAC points, which can be traded in for things like Local 1776 sweatshirts, watches, jackets, hats, etc.  

    You can also earn additional PAC points by participating in PAC activities like phone banks, hand billing, canvassing, and helping on election day to support PAC endorsed candidates.

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