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  • An Update on COVID-19 from Wendell Young
    Posted On: Mar 22, 2020
    To All Members:
    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our nation, in the midst of this crisis, I am writing to urge each of you to take a few minutes and catch your breath. It has been a very long and rough 10-14 days. I want to recap all of our efforts to help protect all of our 35,000 members in the workplace and to support you and your families at home since this crisis erupted:


    • We have worked with many employers to improve a wide array of policies, from leave and sick time provisions to securing more stringent standards for cleaning worksites to enhanced protections such as installation of plexiglass panels in certain retail locations.


    • Certain employers have agreed to provide members temporary premium pay or bonuses to recognize your hard work and dedication in extremely difficult circumstances.


    • Our Union-sponsored Benefits Plans have continued to be available throughout this crisis and have enhanced certain benefits, including the addition of telemedicine to assist members and their families.


    • We are working with members and others who are seeking work as a result of the business closures this crisis has sparked. CLICK HERE to provide us some information and we will help identify opportunities.


    • We launched a COVID-19 Resource Center on our website at www.ufcw1776.org and I urge you to visit the site and take just a few minutes to review the News Items on our Home Page and look at the materials available under the COVID-19 Resources Tab.


    Finally, we continue to work with all local, state and federal officials to make sure that as this crisis continues, your rights and the rights of all working men and women are protected. We are urging our Congressional delegation to support funding for families in any stimulus bills. We’re working with state lawmakers and staffers to ensure that state benefits and services you need are available.
    We all must recognize that this crisis is not going to end soon. We will be grappling with this challenge for weeks and, likely, months to come. I assure you that our team will be here to assist in any way that we can throughout this crisis.
    Wendell W Young IV
    UFCW Local 1776 Keystone State