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  • President's Message: Your Top Issues
    Posted On: Oct 11, 2020

    Dear UFCW Local 1776 Member, 

    Over the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to lay out the top issues for our local in the upcoming general election. We’ve discussed issues like paid sick leave, retirement security, stable funding for our nursing homes, certification for pharmacy technicians, LGBTQ non-discrimination laws, immigration reform, regulations for line speeds at poultry and other food processing plants and many more important issues to our members. 

    In each of my messages I asked you to fill out a form to tell me what your top issues are. While it shouldn’t be a surprise that such an engaged and active union like this would jump right into a discussion about top issues, I was still very impressed by how many messages I received! 

    Our union works hard to reach out to you using as many methods as possible from one-on-one meetings between representatives to members to digital union meetings to regular workplace visits. It’s what drives us as a union, regular contact with our members to learn about what’s going on at the worksite and what the union can do to help out. 

    More than 70% of the messages you sent in listed Hazard Pay as the top issue. I couldn’t agree more. Front line essential workers like you deserve hazard pay for working hard during this pandemic. 

    This pandemic had had a devastating impact on more than just our economy. In every corner of our jurisdiction, people have been dramatically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s clear that our nation needs more action from the federal government to help families recover and rebuild our economy. 

    You may have noticed a slogan we’ve used as a local: “Together, responsibly, we can beat Covid-19.” This simple phrase summarizes everything we need from a leader, whether it’s the leader in your community or the leader of our country. We need a leader who will bring people together. We need a leader who will think and act responsibly. After the last four years, it is abundantly clear that Donald Trump can not do these things. 

    Joe Biden is the leader we need. We know he can work across the aisle to get important legislation passed. His record serving as Vice President and as a member of the U.S. Senate shows that he can bring leaders together and accomplish big things. We need this type of leadership now more than ever. 

    You deserve hazard pay. Joe Biden agrees and that’s why we need to get him elected President. 

    Yours in solidarity,

    Wendell Young IV