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  • UFCW Local 1776 Endorses John Fetterman for US Senate
    Updated On: Feb 08, 2021

    In a unanimous vote, the executive board of UFCW Local 1776 has voted to endorse John Fetterman for US Senate in the 2022 Pennsylvania election.

    “I am thrilled for our members – but also for all Pennsylvanians – that Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has decided to run for US Senate,” stated Wendell Young IV, President of UFCW Local 1776.

    “John’s character, leadership and policy positions have helped foster an amazing connection with our members and the issues they care about. As John always says when he meets with our membership, “the Union Way of Life is sacred”. We need elected leaders who will go to Washington to fight for that sacred right, which is collective bargaining and the ability for workers to join and form a union.”

    UFCW 1776’s members have benefitted greatly from Fetterman’s leadership on a whole variety of issues, especially in the evolving cannabis sector where workers all through Pennsylvania are joining UFCW’s membership to help secure better wages, benefits and retirement security.

    “John Fetterman’s commitment to the issues that matter most to Pennsylvanians and workers was very important in our decision. Every time our Local’s members have had the opportunity to interact with the Lieutenant Governor, the feedback I get back from members is amazing.”

    Young noted Fetterman’s wide appeal to array of different voters throughout the state is very important in how the Local’s Executive Board evaluated this decision. Local 1776 has members that live and work in all 67 counties of Pennsylvania.

    Young concluded, “2022 is an incredibly important election year. We need to elect a Governor to continue the great work Tom Wolf has done for our Commonwealth. We need to elect and re-elect candidates to state offices that will push for policies that will benefit working families. And finally, we need to replace Pat Toomey with a candidate who can advocate Day 1 for the values and ideals Pennsylvanians expect out of their elected officials, and we are proud that our Local believes that candidate is John Fetterman.”

    Representing members in the grocery, retail, food manufacturing, health care industries throughout Pennsylvania, the Ohio Valley and Hudson Valley, UFCW Local 1776 is proud to be a voice for the 35,000 workers we represent.